AR 4711, Erastus 15 – Party of 7 soldiers leaves Vigil in route to Vaishau Ruin for the annual cleansing. They arrive at dusk.

AR 4711, Erastus 17 – 3 of the party are granted Adventuring Leve’s by the Lord watcher himself.

AR 4711, Erastus 30 – Party Arrives in Vellumis.

AR 4711, Arodus 2 – Party arrives in a small fishing village 30 miles north of Tamran.

AR 4711, Arodus 4 – Party Arrives is Tamran. Using a combination of Stealth an suprise, they attack the guard of tthe armies very own siege weapons and direct them to the new Garrison, brutally shelling the Main tent of the Molthune General. After killing or dismounting 3 Molthune Cavalry, they steal the horses and retreat northwest to the Fangwood.

AR 4711, Arodus 7 – Party Arrives in Crystalhurst, and are shown great hospitality.

AR 4711, Arodus 10 – Party learns that the Molthune Army has abandoned the city in fear of the ‘Wraiths of Tamran’, whom the Rangers of the Fangwood believe the party is the ones who made this name.

AR 4711, Arodus 11 – after spending the reward money on new gear, the party is asked to help the Fangwood with its problem. They must recover a banner known as ‘The banner of the Fangwood’ to reunite the many independant companies that live within the forest. The problem is that They cannot enter the area because of a Blight on the center of the forest without an elven amulet of passage.

Ar 4711, Arodus 12 – Party Declines plea for help

AR 4711, Arodus 14 – Variel Lanliss is killed by a pack of dire wolves

AR 4711, Arodus 16 – Party of 2 arrives at the ruins of Tamran and talk about where to go next

AR 4711, Arodus 17 – Party leaves for Vellumis to acquire another member to go on an expedition into the Vaihau ruin again.

AR 4711, Arodus 21 – Party meets Rys Blackfall, a Marksman, who joins the party

AR 4711, Arodus 26 – Party Arrives at the Vaishau Ruin and does some digging around. They discover a huge treasure in a tomb below the Ruin guarded by a very persistent Undead creature.

AR 4711, Arodus 27 – Party Returns to Vigil.

Legends of the Inner Sea

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