Legends of the Inner Sea


Who are they...?

This morning we set out for the Vaihau Ruin. They do this every year, sending a squad of the new guys to go ‘clear out’ the ruin. I’ve tracked dozens of these expeditions, not once have we encountered anything. It all seems like some strange tradition now, a right of passage into the Lastwall Elite. Granted, this trip used to be important, years ago. Back then it was a rare occasion NOT to encounter the legions of the damned within that smoking ruin. Or so we have been told. The old ways have become a sort of tradition now, ‘go scare the new guys’ kind of thing. I only pray that we do not encounter the likeness of evil there, today or ever, for what could 7 men and a scribe do?….

-Ezren, Royal scribe apprentice
Second son of Halmamin



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