Ring of Fate

This ring has 4 slots on it and is made of brass


A Ring of Fate is what is used by heroes of the land to store ‘luck’ over time. So long as a character is wearing a Ring of Fate, he is allowed to spend his allotment of Hero points as normal. The 4 slots of the ring can be filled with Fate Gems, a rare crystal found in various area’s of the inner sea. Fate Gems augment the power of the individual ring, and meeting someone with a decorated ring almost surely means he is a seasoned adventurer, or powerful enough to kill a seasoned adventurer.


In the days of Aroden, God of humanity, the great leaders of the world of men sought to match his splendor and weave their own story. In an attempt to pursue his glory, they forged the Ring’s of Fate. Thousands of the rings were made an over time, and especially after Aroden’s death, the rings found their way into the hands of many races. while the rings themselves hold no power, they do have the ability to bring out and amplify ‘luck’ among the worthy.

In addition, when Aroden died, he showered the world with exactly 555 Fate gems, magically stones that when placed into a Ring of Fate, give the wearer the power of the elements and unknown. Many of the gems were the singular goal of more than one adventuring party, and those in seats of power, especially the most recent, commonly have a fate ring adorned with 2 or more of them.

Ring of Fate

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